Cocoa butter heel care: An easy-to-make miracle from Brigitta Munkácsi's book "Creams and Fragrances"!

If you use the mixture of cocoa butter, coconut oil, honey and aloe vera together, you can pamper your skin with something really special. This heel care not only smells delicious, but also moisturizes and protects your skin perfectly.

Tiger balm is a special and natural balm that you can make at home based on the recipe in the book "Do it yourself Eco Mom". But what makes it so special and why should you try it?

Making aloe vera gel at home is an exciting and creative experience that allows us to make a wonderful gift of nature for ourselves. The aloe vera plant has long been known for its healing effects and skin regenerating properties, and the homemade gel brings the benefits of this wonderful plant to us in its most natural and purest form.

Now I will show you how to make aloe vera gel at home, step by step. I will share with you the secrets of the preparation process and show how easily you can incorporate this health-preserving miracle into your everyday life.

In the field of ecological plant protection, there are many methods and materials available for protection against pests and diseases. Among these alternative solutions, neem oil is a special and effective tool. The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is native to India and has been used for medicinal and plant protection purposes for centuries. In this article, we explore the benefits of neem oil and its importance for organic gardeners in plant protection.

Nowadays, the importance of sustainability and a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more appreciated. As more and more people strive for environmentally friendly and natural solutions, more and more products appear that claim to be chemical-free, organic or environmentally friendly. But what is the difference between these terms?

When choosing a sunscreen, it is worth considering several aspects. Below I list some important aspects, based on which you should make a decision!

Chakras are energy centers in the human body that store vital energies, the so-called they regulate and distribute prana throughout the body. There are seven main chakras in the human body, which are used in the Indian yoga and Ayurvedic traditions to improve the health of the body, mind and spirit.

The popularity of cosmetic clays is not new, as various clays were already used in ancient Egypt to cleanse the skin and preserve its beauty.

Aromatic waters, also known as floral waters, are created during the production of essential oils. During steam distillation, the oily part of the distillate will be the essential oil, while the watery part will be the floral water.

You can make your own hand cream quickly and from clean ingredients, which is not only nutritious, but also unique due to the essential oils. Great gift idea!

Did you think that by making your own detergent and fabric softener, you not only looked for a cheaper solution, but also avoided many synthetic dog ears? Not only your wallet is happy with this solution, but also your environment, as these products are much more environmentally friendly than their store counterparts.

Fractionated coconut oil is the carrier oil most used and most favored by our customers. But what does the word fractional mean and what can fractional coconut oil be used for?


Play dough is an absolute consumable for us. It either dries up or just disappears (I don't even understand). Since I found this practical recipe, we have been making it together in the color chosen by the children. It can also be perfectly combined with essential oils.

Store-bought cosmetics are not only expensive, but they are full of ingredients that can be consumed at home. Making them is not as fiddly as it seems, often the very act of making them calms you down and puts you in a state of calm.

We now have quite a lot of wasps and bees, and since the children often run around mindlessly, I've had minor heart attacks countless times because one of them is stung. Yes, I know I'm a bit of a para-mom, but I sure as hell mixed in a spray to ease the pain and itchiness in the event of an accident like this.

Summer evenings, bacon roasting and parties. Did you think that essential oils and aromatherapy can even help with a hangover?

One of the unpleasant parts of summer is that the bugs and mosquitoes appear, and there is nothing more unpleasant than when something itches all the time. We adults may be able to consciously stop ourselves from scratching ourselves, but it is more difficult for children.

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we get burned on a sunny day. With this lightweight yet highly nourishing spray, you can avoid a painful next day.

Nowadays, the man's beard has become more and more fashionable and the beard is beautiful even if it is well groomed. To do this, we recommend the following beard groomer made of natural ingredients.

A body scrub should be a must-have item in every woman’s bathroom, as using it can not only get rid of dead skin cells, but also make our skin youthful, supple and soft. Its use also affects the lymphatic and blood circulation. Of course, it can also be made at home, much cheaper than the big brother in the store.

Forget the expensive serums available in drugstores, make your own at home for less money, but without very harmful substances. Face serum contains more concentrated active ingredients than face creams. Due to their light texture, they are absorbed faster and reach the deeper layers more easily. Your skin will definitely appreciate it!

Homemade perfumes are based on high-quality essential oil, which can not only enchant them with their scent, but also have a significant therapeutic effect. This is why, due to the duality, it is worth replacing artificially produced perfumes with natural solutions. In-store perfumes are full of chemicals, not only does it not want on the skin, but it is not so desirable to inhale.

Itchy scalp is often not only uncomfortable, but also not good for the scalp. It is worth trying the following mixture plus it also stimulates hair growth.

Sure, over 40, one of a man’s best friends can be a good eye wrinkle cream and I’ve tried so much before, but I’ve never done it to myself before. I like this recipe because it requires few things, the ingredients are natural and not insanely expensive.

Do you have the feeling when you enter a hotel toilet and are struck by the pleasant smell of cleanliness? I’ve been wanting this at home for so long and honestly I’ve tried everything, fragrances, potpourri, but I don’t understand the goal. There was only a solution for an hour, but since I was looking for an environmentally friendly solution, I was very happy with the toilet oil recipe. We have been using it for half a year and it is a really useful thing.
Not only does it have a pleasant smell, but the oil creates a thin film in the toilet, making it harder to stick to dirt and limescale, making it much easier to clean.

Have you heard of the shower tablet? I just discovered it and fell in love terribly. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to take a bath, but I have time for a relaxing, fragrant shower at the end or sometimes the beginning of the busiest day. It's very easy to make and really wallet friendly, so give it a try!

Detergents can be prepared quickly and very easily at home and what is most important to me is that they do not contain any harmful substances from natural materials, neither our health nor our environment.

The benefits of aromatherapy can be enjoyed in a lot of situations, but why not do it when we go to bed?

Blown on the bedding, you can always cover yourself with a fresh and fresh scent.

With the arrival of the cool weather, our skin is already thirsting for a refreshing, but very rich and nourishing cream. Of course, this can also be made easily and simply at home and can even be a useful gift!

We can make homemade champagne bath salt in the easiest way in the world and it can be a great gift for ourselves or anyone we would surprise with a little pampering.

It often comes down to how many drops fit in our bottles of essential oil, so we’ve put together a little help for you that might make the choice easier.

You can find the essential oil bottles, roll-on bottles, pipette or spray bottle bottles HERE!

Epsom salt is a non-traditional salt because it is actually one of the names for magnesium sulfate. And magnesium is one of the most common substances present in our body, which is necessary for the proper functioning of many physiological processes. Epsom salt can therefore have a great effect on our health.

When choosing glass bottles for essential oils or our essential oil blend, you can already choose from a number of colors. While glasses that are more colorful than colored may seem tempting, what considerations should be considered when choosing?

Why do essential oils come to us in dark-colored bottles?

Essential oils must always be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. Without the use of carrier oils, aromatherapy is not safe. And if you are careful to use only pure and truly 100% pure essential oil, the carrier oil should be just as pure.