The little sister of essential oil: flower water

The little sister of essential oil: flower water

Aromatic waters, also known as floral waters, are created during the production of essential oils. During steam distillation, the oily part of the distillate will be the essential oil, while the watery part will be the floral water.

The flower water contains a small amount of essential oil and a larger amount of the water-soluble components of the herb.

Their therapeutic effect is similar to essential oils obtained from the same herb, only they are much gentler, so we feel free to use them in areas where the essential oil would be too strong, for example in cosmetics, for children or for people with more sensitive skin.

1. Rose flower water

It has a refreshing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, skin-tightening and anti-inflammatory effect. It lifts and energizes you spiritually.

Use it as a face spray, to refresh your hair, or in home cosmetics.

2. Lavender floral water

It has a soothing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. Perfect for sunburns, but for a restful sleep, just spray it on the pillow. Perfect for treating minor injuries, wounds or acne.

3. Helichrysum flower water

It has a skin regenerating and moisturizing effect. Perfect for wrinkles, eczema or other skin problems. It has a wound-healing and cell-regenerating effect. Feel free to use it for bumps and swelling.

4. Balsamic Suhar flower water

It has a cleansing and regenerating effect. Due to its hemostatic properties, it is perfect for treating minor injuries. Due to its pore-contracting properties, it is a great part of your facial cleansing routine.

5. Orange blossom floral water

It relieves stress and relieves tension. It tones the skin and tightens it at the same time. Perfect moisturizer and regenerator. The savior of dry, dull skin

6. Witch hazel flower water

It has anti-inflammatory, polar astringent and cleansing properties. It is perfect for insect bites, but it can also be effective in the treatment of venous problems. It stimulates blood circulation and is an excellent skin firmer.