DIY beard oil

DIY beard oil

Nowadays, the man's beard has become more and more fashionable and the beard is beautiful even if it is well groomed. To do this, we recommend the following beard groomer made of natural ingredients.


- Almond oil or jojoba oil

- Dropper or pipette bottle

- Vitamin E.

- Tea tree essential oil (2 drops)

- Cedarwood essential oil (2 drops)

- Lavender essential oil (2 drops)

- Rosemary essential oil (2 drops)


Fill the pipette glass to three-quarters with one of the carrier oils (almond or jojoba) and add the essential oils. this is to fill the bottle with vitamin E so that we can conveniently wrap the top of the pipette bottle without leaking its contents.

Let us drop it on our beard once a day and rub the nourishing oils thoroughly.