What color bottle to choose for the essential oil

 What color bottle to choose for the essential oil

When choosing glass bottles for essential oils or our essential oil blend, you can already choose from a number of colors. While glasses that are more colorful than colored may seem tempting, what considerations should be considered when choosing?

Why do essential oils come to us in dark-colored bottles?





The effect of light on essential oils

Light can be divided into two categories along the electromagnetic spectrum: invisible and visible light. On the colored glass of essential oil bottles, the most invisible light is harmful to ultraviolet light.

Sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). Everyone has heard of this, as we protect our eyes with sunglasses and their skin with sunglasses. These ultraviolet rays, as they are able to damage their cells, can damage the structure of essential oils in the same way. Rapid oxidation changes the chemicals in essential oils, breaking them down and making them less effective.

The science behind oxidation in glass bottles involves the wavelengths of light measured on the electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelength is measured in nanometers, while 1 nanometer (nm) is equal to 1 billionth of a meter. The ultraviolet light of the sun is 10 to 400 nm long. Natural light is measured at a wavelength of 400 to 780 nm.

Amber glass provides protection against light waves in the 10-400 nm range. This is the ideal spectrum for protection against UV radiation, which is why many pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers choose amber colored bottles.

While blue and green bottles may be more visually appealing, they do not provide as much protection for oils as amber. These colors provide protection against visible light, but are unable to protect their oils from UV rays.

However, clear glass bottles do not directly impair the integrity of the oils. These bottles simply do not provide light protection. For essential oils that decompose due to oxidation or are used much more slowly, this is not the best solution. Only choose clear bottles if you store oils that you want to use in a short time. However, the great advantage of clear glass is that it is clearly visible in quantity. So, if you want to monitor weight loss, this can also be a perfect solution.

In summary, it’s important to be aware of the effects of light on essential oils, and if you want to store essential oil for a shorter period of time, any color bottle can be practical, but it’s still worth keeping the bottle in a dark place.