The miraculous Epsom salt

 The miraculous Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a non-traditional salt because it is actually one of the names for magnesium sulfate. And magnesium is one of the most common substances present in our body, which is necessary for the proper functioning of many physiological processes. Epsom salt can therefore have a great effect on our health.

Magnesium sulphate, the bitter salt or Epsom salt (named after the small English town of Epsom, where it was produced in large quantities), can also be absorbed through our skin, so it can be very effective in the form of a bath.

A bath made with Epsom salt helps to get rid of stress and also speeds up the removal of toxins. Magnesium plays a very important role, for example, in the release or utilization of a compound called serotonin, ie the Epsom salt bath reduces stress, anxiety, nervousness and is also effective against insomnia. The detoxifying effect is not negligible either: it helps to remove waste products from the cells.

Epsom salt is also good for muscle cramps
Magnesium has long been known to be very effective against muscle spasms, Epsom salt can also relieve pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate muscle regeneration and healing. Epsom salt is therefore highly recommended for regular use by athletes.

Bitter salt for gout attacks and joint pain
One of the good properties of Epsom salt is its ability to reduce pain, swelling and chronic inflammation, not only in the muscles but also in the joints, which is why various joint pains, discomfort due to joint wear or even gout attacks can be very effective. against. Epsom salt also has a good effect on the nervous system.

With Epsom salt against foot odor and fungus
Whatever your foot problems (fungus, athlete's foot, unpleasant foot odor, foot pain, etc.), Epsom Salt Foot Bath can be the solution. In addition to the Epsom salt bath, the skin of the feet should also be exfoliated with bitter salt, as this can be very effective against calluses.

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How to use it?

Stir in a cup of Epsom salt in the tub water (do not be very hot) and approx. Relax in it for 20-25 minutes. If you also want to toss the bath with essential oil, mix a few drops of oil with the salt and then dissolve the salt in the water.