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Aromakellék kis és nagykereskedés
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Credit card payment with BARION
On January 1, 2021, strong customer authentication came into effect at all banks, if you have a problem with a credit card payment, please contact your bank!

The information you provide will be secure at all times as the payment itself is made on the encrypted side of Barion. Barion operates under the strict supervision of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, with PCI DSS compliance. Card data is protected by Norton / Symantec 256-bit SSL encryption.

Our webshop only receives information about the result of the transaction, your card details will not reach us.

In the Barion Smart Gateway payment interface, you can pay with card details or, in the case of Barion wallet owners, with a password, in both desktop and mobile browsers. No registration required, you can register for the first payment, this is optional. You are also free to pay, register and use the Barion Wallet. Convenient, you will never have to enter your card details again, not only at that merchant, but at any other Barion acceptor. Once registered, you can also download the Barion app, which can enrich you with a wealth of user experiences.

Barion payment steps:

Select the desired product and add it to the cart!
At the Checkout, select the appropriate delivery method and Barion payment method, then after accepting the General Terms and Conditions, click the "Order" button!
Payment by credit card details:
This payment method is available to anyone who has a Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Electron or Amex debit or credit card for online payment. Payment requires card details and an email address. Barion registration is not required for payment, but the GTC must be accepted.

Payment with Wallet:
- Payment by stored credit card
This payment method is available to anyone with a Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Electron or Amex credit card, credit card and valid Barion registration. The card information required for payment is stored on Barion's secure server, and an email address and password are required for payment. There can be several credit cards in a Barion wallet.

- Payment with pre-loaded Barion balance.

This payment method is available to anyone who has a valid Barion registration (and does not have a credit card). An email address and password are required for payment. The balance is so-called electronic money, which can be topped up by depositing cash at the Barion top-up points and by transfer from a bank account (in an emergency, also from a bank card).
Banki utalás
Előre utalás bankon keresztül. Az összeg megérkezését követően kezdjük meg a termékek összekészítését, szállítását.
A banki utalásra 2 munkanapot várunk!
2 munkanap után a termékek visszakerülnek a raktárba és töröljük a rendelést.

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Kedvezményezett neve: Natural ACC Kft.
Bankszámlaszám: 12067204-01941966-00100003
Közlemény: kérjük, írd a rendelésszámot, a beazonosítás miatt (visszaigazoló e-mailben megtalálható)
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