Shower tablet or aromatherapy in the shower

 Shower tablet or aromatherapy in the shower

Have you heard of the shower tablet? I just discovered it and fell in love terribly. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to take a bath, but I have time for a relaxing, fragrant shower at the end or sometimes the beginning of the busiest day. It's very easy to make and really wallet friendly, so give it a try!

The point is, this is not a bath ball! Don’t soak yourself in it, because though it’s made of skin-friendly natural materials, it has a completely different function than a bath bomb. Here, the quick release of the scent is the point so that the essential oils can help as soon as possible.

We also take into account the skin care of the bath bomb, so the delicate, vegetable oils are included!


- 250 g of baking soda

- 125 g of citric acid

- 15 g of edible corn starch

- water

- silicone form

- mica powder (optional)

- essential oils


1. Mix the dry ingredients. It’s worth doing it in rubber gloves, if you have a tiny wound, the citric acid will pinch it. Plus it's not good for nail polish either!

2. It is important to spray the water on the dry ingredients as the reaction will start immediately and it will bubble, but we will want to see this in the shower. So tiny water and stir immediately and so on until a kneadable texture is obtained. do not be very dry, but not very wet. Point should be one that you can still push into the silicone mold.

3. Essential oils may be added to the substance. You can go wild here, because what is a bit intense for your nose now, starting in the shower, will no longer be!

4. If you are really wild, color it with a little mica powder and you can conjure up a truly wellness experience!

5. Press firmly into the silicone mold. I had the spherical shape at home, but it could be anything. It’s worth putting it in a smaller form because we may not always want the spell for long minutes, but if we still have time, we can throw up to 2 pills under our feet.

6. Finally, wait a few hours (this depends on the moisture content, check) and when you have picked up the silicone mold, turn it upside down to dry for a day. Then keep it in a non-humid place and how long will it last? I haven’t figured it out yet because it’s always sold out fast.

Essential oil combinations for shower tablets

For headaches: rosemary, peppermint, chamomile essential oil (as many drops to make the scent a little intense)

Against colds: eucalyptus essential oil

Breakfast update: peppermint essential oil or citrus essential oils

Evening relaxation: lavender essential oil or lemongrass essential oil