DIY toilet oil

DIY toilet oil

Do you have the feeling when you enter a hotel toilet and are struck by the pleasant smell of cleanliness? I’ve been wanting this at home for so long and honestly I’ve tried everything, fragrances, potpourri, but I don’t understand the goal. There was only a solution for an hour, but since I was looking for an environmentally friendly solution, I was very happy with the toilet oil recipe. We have been using it for half a year and it is a really useful thing.
Not only does it have a pleasant smell, but the oil creates a thin film in the toilet, making it harder to stick to dirt and limescale, making it much easier to clean.


- 50 drops of essential oil (it could be anything, tea tree and lemon essential oil came in for me)

- Hazelnut water

- Spray bottle. I made it into the 10ml because that made the scent feel more intense.


Put the ingredients in the bottle and always shake before use, then spray the inside of the toilet with 3-4 blows. No need to brush up, just leave it that way.