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Marigold extract - 50 ml
Marigold extract - 50 ml

Marigold extract - 50 ml

Produced in Hungary from chemical-free marigold petals. Calendula has been our wound-healing, exfoliating and regenerating herb for centuries. The extract is made in organic soybean oil.

Light-golden yellow, can color preparations. Oil-soluble ingredient, heat sensitive!

Along with chamomile and arnica, calendula is one of the most versatile herbs.

The active ingredients of marigold include falvonoids, sesquiterpenes, carotenoids, coumarin and essential oils.

The flower of this unpretentious plant has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and immune strengthening effects. It is also suitable for curing hard-to-heal, proliferating, milder burns, cuts or scalds, scars, eczema, skin itching, acne, bruises, and milder sunburn. Calendula ointment can be used externally. Its active ingredients in toothbrushes and mouth rinses help reduce inflammation of the oral mucosa and gums.

Calendula is suitable for caring for the skin of both babies and adults. However, people with allergies should handle it with caution, because it can cause an allergic reaction when applied externally on their skin.

Calendula in cosmetics
Flavonoids have an oxidative effect. Sesquiterpenes and fatty acids have a skin care and softening effect. Calendula extract is also suitable for slowing down the aging of the skin.

Source: https://www.webbeteg.hu/cikkek/borbetegsegek/11641/a-sokoldalu-koromvirag


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