Ghassoulclay - 100 gr
Ghassoul clay - 100 gr

Ghassoul clay - 100 gr

Ghassoul clay is a real miracle from nature's treasures, found deep in Morocco. This exotic clay has been used in beauty care for thousands of years.

What makes ghassoul clay special?

Intertwining of cultures: Ghassoul clay is the traditional clay of Morocco, which originates from unique volcanic rocks and is nourished by the region's rich minerals.

Cleanses and softens: Ghassoul clay has an excellent cleansing effect, removes excess sebum and impurities while softening the skin. An ideal choice for glowing and smooth skin.

Moisturizes and regenerates: This clay deeply hydrates the skin, supports cell regeneration and helps preserve the skin's natural elasticity.

Balance and reduce inflammation: Ghassoul clay helps balance the skin's oil production, reduces inflammation and soothes sensitive skin.

Why is ghassoul clay special compared to other clays?

Fine grains: Ghassoul clay has extremely fine grains, which allows it to gently cleanse and revitalize the skin without causing irritation. This is what distinguishes ghassoul clay from other types of clay.

Multifunctional properties: It not only cleans the skin, but also hydrates, regenerates and balances it. Compared to other clays, it combines all essential skin care steps in one produ

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