Blue clay - 100 gr
Blue clay - 100 gr

Blue clay - 100 gr

The clays have been used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. As a cosmetic raw material, they have an exfoliating, cleansing and skin-refreshing effect. It absorbs excess grease, dirt and any skin-damaging compounds from the pores.


The clays can be used as a wrapper, they can also be put in bathing water and made with an exfoliator. They are perfect for coloring a bath bomb and making some makeup. They help with full body treatment (winding technique) and last but not least they can be put in soap. However, the colors do not always withstand the alkaline medium! Technique dependent. For example, we like the "cocoa spray" technique, that is, we spray the soap mass in the strip phase and do not mix it, we only allow the otherwise insoluble solid clay to mix nicely between the fat droplets during solidification.

Due to their diverse mineral content, they affect the biochemical processes of our skin in various ways, so they can be found in many products, from toothpastes to body wraps. Our materials have extra fine grind and are tested, pure ingredients. Place of origin France. The raw material was dried in the sun and sifted through so that the best quality could reach Hungary as well.



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