magenta mica powder - 10 gr
Magenta mica powder - 10 gr

Magenta mica powder - 10 gr

A cosmetic pigment of mineral origin that withstands pH fluctuations well. It is easier to distribute in fat, so it is primarily a colorant in soaps, creams and decorative cosmetics.

It is a safe cosmetic ingredient that can be used to predict soap coloring and can also be used to make beautiful lip balms and lipsticks. The glitter colors sold have been selected in such a way that they can be used in all kinds of cosmetics.

Application: 0.1% -0.2%, it can be less or more in decorative cosmetics.


Only buy cosmetic dye from a reliable source! Dyes from the automotive and construction industries are not pure enough for this due to their microbiological and heavy metal content and can pose a health risk! Also consider fluorescent or "chameleon" colors (these are usually allowed in nail polish) as they also contain debatable chemicals or higher concentrations of heavy metal ions.

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