Castor oil (pharmacopoeial quality) - 250 ml
Castor oil (pharmacopoeial quality) - 250 ml

Castor oil (pharmacopoeial quality) - 250 ml

A dense oil with a characteristic “grass” odor and a light golden color. Used in lip glosses and lipsticks, it softens the skin and gives shine and creaminess in soaps.

Castor oil is a major ingredient in hair wraps, and although it is extremely greasy, properly dosed can have a hair-growth effect (scientifically, the active ingredient has not been analyzed to date, yet, virtually everyone has a story about it, we have no other way to prevent it). fragmentation. Pharmacopoeial quality, cold pressed. It has a strong castor odor and an extremely dense, almost gel-like base oil.

Foaming and texture can be improved as a component of soaps.

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