Roll on glass + mineral ball - yellow chalcedone
Roll on glass + mineral balls - yellow chalcedony

Roll on glass + mineral balls - yellow chalcedony

The beneficial effects of essential oil and mineral are combined in this bottle!

Contents of the package:

- 10 ml roll on glass (glass with ball)

- mineral roll-on balls

The mineral Chalcedony has been used for healing since ancient times and symbolized air and water. It provides inner peace to its owner, improves our communication and makes us more confident. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, lowers high blood pressure, stimulates the function of endocrine glands. It strengthens the immune system and reduces the chances of developing edema. It has a beneficial effect on hormone-producing glands, regulates female hormonal cycles. Its healing effect extends to metabolism and is also recommended for diabetics. It stimulates brain functions, improves memory, so we can be a great companion during the exam period. Chalcedony cures respiratory diseases, regenerates mucous membranes and is excellent for both eye and ear complaints.


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