Roll on glass + mineral ball - black obsidian
Roll on glass + mineral ball - black obsidian

Roll on glass + mineral ball - black obsidian

The beneficial effects of essential oil and mineral are combined in this bottle!

Contents of the package:

- 10 ml roll on glass (glass with ball)

- mineral roll-on balls

Obsidian was actually molten lava that cooled very quickly so it could not crystallize. A strong protective stone, it draws almost an armor around us against the negative effects. A grounding mineral, it absorbs the negative energies in our environment extremely effectively. Obsidian reveals the cause of the disorder, causes emotional release, and allows for the processing of older grievances. In such cases, you have to face the problems right away because the peace of mind only comes back after that. If used for such a task it should be cleaned under running water. Obsidian, when managed to face and overcome emerging problems, provides clarity to the mind, clears it from disturbances. It detoxifies our entire body, eliminating the blocks in the flow of energy. It relieves the pain associated with arthritis and stimulates blood circulation. It also has a beneficial effect on calcified blood vessels, warming cold limbs. It can also be used to treat an enlarged prostate.

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Fekete obszidián
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