Roll on glass + mineral ball - aventurine
Roll on glass + mineral ball - aventurine

Roll on glass + mineral ball - aventurine

The beneficial effects of essential oil and mineral are combined in this bottle!

Contents of the package:

- 10 ml roll on glass (glass with ball)

- mineral roll-on balls

The aventurine mineral has been known since the 17th century. It has been used as a healing stone and is still called the heart medicine to this day. Incredibly powerful sedative mineral, reduces heart complaints, nervous system problems, communication problems, e.g. the stuttering. It stimulates fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart attacks. Strengthens connective tissues, soothes the skin. It provides peace of mind and balance to the wearer, dispels fear, anxiety and encourages a positive outlook on life. Protects against geopathic stress and the negative effects of electromagnetic smog. Helps deep, restful sleep. It harmonizes Jin-Jang energies. It protects our aura from negative influences and energy vampires.

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