Hazelnut water, Witch hazel water - 250 ml
Hazelnut water, Witch hazel water - 250 ml

Hazelnut water, Witch hazel water - 250 ml

Hazelnut / Hamamelis flower water: Hydrolate with a characteristic odor, good pore tightness and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is a characteristic liquid with a slightly woody scent, which can be the basis of facial tonics, body lotions, especially where special skin care is needed. Magic peanuts are known to have a special herbal effect, mainly exfoliating, reducing irritation.

Directions for use:
• in soothing, anti-irritant compresses, body sprays, hydrogels
• in the aqueous phase of sunscreens and after-sun preparations
• to treat rashes and bites
• for minor injuries and abrasions
• to treat mild inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes
• for the care of sensitive skin prone to inflammation
• anti-hemorrhoid creams in a sitting bath
• to soothe eye wrinkles, relieve inflammation and dry eyes
• deodorants
• anti-inflammatory mouthwashes
• After shave lotion

• soothes the skin, reduces irritation, redness and itching
• anti-inflammatory
• painkiller
• antibacterial
• antioxidant
• mild astringent and hemostatic

Externally! Cosmetic ingredients.

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