Roll on glass + mineral ball - amethyst
Roll on glass + mineral ball - amethyst

Roll on glass + mineral ball - amethyst

The beneficial effects of essential oil and mineral are combined in this bottle!

Contents of the package:

- 10 ml roll on glass (glass with ball)

- mineral roll-on balls



Amethyst mineral is one of the strongest and most effective minerals in one of the 12 master crystals. The stone of the crown chakra. Amethyst improves the brain's ability to concentrate, cleanses the blood, evens out blood pressure, dissolves blood clots and has a beneficial effect on vascular problems. It has a general analgesic effect and is therefore excellent for migraine headaches and also reduces psychological pain. It effectively relieves stress and balances the wearer. It can be used to treat swelling or skin conditions, relieve the symptoms of eczema and reduce the pain caused by arthritis. It stimulates the functioning of the pancreas and stimulates the immune system.

Our ancestors considered it a powerful soothing and spiritual stone. Placing a clear light amethyst under our pillow ensures a soothing, deep sleep. It accelerates our spiritual development and helps us to see our intuitions clearly. It connects the physical, mental, emotional body with the spiritual. It transforms the negative energies directed towards us, thus purifying and protecting our aura. It gives your wearer peace and security. The use of paranoid schizophrenics is prohibited.

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