Washing perfume - Levender (100 ml)
Washing perfume - Flower garden (100 ml)

Washing perfume - Flower garden (100 ml)

Did you know that traditional fabric softeners contain only 1-2% fragrance? However, the more additives that damage the environment and even "get dirty" in your washing machine. Some fabric softeners clog the textile fibers so that they no longer absorb moisture or even irritate the skin.

Wash perfumes give you a REAL FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE!

Choose the compact solution instead of several liters of water and additives! Its long-lasting freshness remains on clothes and bed linen. Thanks to its non-ionic surfactant content, it helps to clean clothes and softens them a little.

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Use it as a rinse
Put 8-15 drops of washing perfume in the rinsing compartment or even directly on the clothes. Based on our tests, 8 drops leaves a strong enough scent even after drying. And for those who like to swim in a cloud of fragrance, add 15-20 drops.

Closet freshener
Put a few drops of the SensEco laundry perfume on a piece of textile and it will smell good between clothes for weeks.

Toilet freshener
Occasionally, 2-3 drops are enough to drip on the edge of the cup. There is no need to rinse, because the rinsing water will continuously dissolve the fragrance.

In the car
Put a few drops on a piece of fabric and place it on the hat holder.

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100 ml
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