Dropper bottle - 5 ml (amber)
Dropper bottle - 5 ml (amber)

Dropper bottle - 5 ml (amber)

 Dropper bottle - 5 ml (amber)
 Dropper bottle - 5 ml (amber)

5 ml amber dropper bottle.

This compact and elegant bottle is the ideal choice for storing and dispensing various liquids.

The amber-colored glass not only gives an aesthetic appearance, but also provides functional benefits. The shade protects it from light, especially from harmful UV radiation, thus preserving the quality and effectiveness of the substance filled in the bottle. This is especially important if you want to store essential oils, herbal extracts or other light-sensitive substances.

The 5 ml capacity offers an optimal amount of liquid for everyday use. The dropper cap included with the bottle enables easy and precise dosing. This is extremely beneficial if you want to precisely dispense essential oils or other concentrated substances.

Due to the small size and durability of the bottle, it is ideal for traveling or carrying. It fits comfortably in your bag, handbag or even in your car's glove compartment. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a sealed dropper cap that reliably prevents leakage, so you can ensure that the contents always remain safe.

Size: 27mm x 24mm x 67.8mm

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