Orange blossom / Neroli floral water
Orange blossom / Neroli floral water

Orange blossom / Neroli floral water

Its scent is calming, yet invigorating and relieves tension. This is true for the digestive system as well - it helps the processes taking place there, especially in the case of cramps caused by stress. It tones the skin and makes it firmer to the touch.

  • Fragrance character: Sweet, slightly powdery, bitter orange.
  • Fragrance note: Head/heart
  • Production of the essential oil: Inflorescence by water-steam distillation
  • Goes well with: Citrus fruits, mints E.g. bergamot, petitgrain.
  • Less suitable for: Floral notes, but good for geranium.
  • Not recommended: For woody, earthy scents.

Excellent in cosmetics for oily and normal skin, as well as face toners and micellar waters.

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