Blue Tansy essential oil - 2 ml
Blue Tansy essential oil - 2 ml

Blue Tansy essential oil - 2 ml

Tanacetum annuum flos olieum, also known as annual wormwood or blue wormwood essential oil, is an essential oil extracted from the flowers of the annual wormwood (Tanacetum annuum) plant. It is extracted through steam distillation and contains highly concentrated natural compounds that can have many positive effects on health and well-being. In its Latin name, "Tanacetum annuum" refers to the scientific name of the plant, while "flos olieum" refers to the extraction of the oil.

The essential oil of blue tansy is also used in aromatherapy and natural medicine. This essential oil has many beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory, calming and pain-relieving effects. In addition, its aroma is pleasant and refreshing, which contributes to emotional balance and relaxation.

Blue Tansy is a special blue tinted essential oil that is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious lifestylers looking for natural solutions to support their health and reduce everyday stress. Applied in the form of essential oils or used in a diffuser, blue tansy can contribute to the harmony of body and soul.

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Összetevők: Tanacetum Annuum Flower Oil

100% pure & natural, E.O.B.B.B.D. botanikailag és biokémiailag meghatározott

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2 ml
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