Eucaliptus Lemon essential oil - 10 ml
Eucaliptus Lemon essential oil - 10 ml

Eucaliptus Lemon essential oil - 10 ml

Discover the power of freshness and nature with Vietnamese eucalyptus essential oil, also known as lemon eucalyptus! This natural extract is obtained from the fresh leaves of the Vietnamese eucalyptus tree and provides a refreshing experience with its pleasant lemon scent.

The essential oil is produced by steam distillation, during which fresh eucalyptus leaves are treated with steam, then the resulting steam is cooled and condensed, so that the natural fragrances are separated. This gentle process ensures that the essential oil fully preserves the freshness and beneficial effects of the plant.

The essential oil of Vietnamese eucalyptus can be used extremely versatile. The refreshing lemon scent has an invigorating effect and can help refresh the body and mind. In addition, Vietnamese eucalyptus essential oil has antibacterial and respiratory cleansing properties, making it an ideal choice for relieving colds or allergy symptoms.

Use in aromatherapy, vaporization or as a massage oil to enjoy its fresh scent and healing effects. Whether for wellness pampering at home or to relieve respiratory complaints, you can easily create a pleasant and healthy environment with the help of Vietnamese eucalyptus essential oil.
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Összetevők: Eucalyptus Citriodora Oil
100% pure & natural, E.O.B.B.B.D. botanikailag és biokémiailag meghatározott.
Feldogozás: Teljes spektrumú, nem frakcionált, nem denaturált, nem hígított.

10 ml
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