BIO peppermint floral water
BIO peppermint floral water

BIO peppermint floral water

Discover the power of nature with the refreshing and invigorating BIO peppermint flower water. This special product is made according to the highest quality standards and consists only of organically certified natural ingredients.

Peppermint floral water has a delicate and pleasant fragrance that provides a refreshing effect. The natural properties of peppermint help to soothe and revitalize the skin and invigorate the mind and body. Flower water stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and has a moisturizing effect, thus helping to maintain the skin's natural elasticity and healthy appearance.

The BIO certification guarantees that the peppermint floral water is made in a natural and environmentally friendly way. The product does not contain artificial colors, fragrances or chemicals and has not been tested on animals. In this way, you can use and enjoy the beneficial effects of nature with a calm heart.

Peppermint floral water can be used in many ways. You can use it as a tonic to clean and refresh the face, as well as to moisturize the skin. Perfect for soothing after shaving, hair care and as a body spray. People with sensitive skin can also safely use it, as it has a gentle and gentle effect on the skin.

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