Bath salt gift set
Bath salt gift set

Bath salt gift set

 Bath salt gift set
 Bath salt gift set

Discover a special bathing experience with the bath salt gift set, which contains seven different vials, each with a unique bath salt mix. In addition to salt rich in minerals, the contents of the vials include essential oils and dried herbs and flowers.

This wonderful gift offers the opportunity to deeply relax and refresh the body and soul.

The 7 vials:

  • Sensual: Immerse yourself in the world of passionate experiences with this blend containing sensual essential oils.

  • Relax: Let go of everyday stress and relax with the help of relaxing bath salts.

  • Harmony: Find inner harmony and balance with this natural bath salt mix.

  • Energise: Wake up and energize with this invigorating bath salt.

  • Detox: Cleanse with our body detox blend that helps you get rid of toxins.

  • Cherity: Lean on your feelings and have a nice, pampering bathing experience.

  • Skin Revive: Refresh your skin with this revitalizing bath salt.

Each vial contains a carefully formulated blend of natural ingredients and essential oils to help you relax and refresh. These unique bath salts offer an opportunity for an everyday wellness experience to pamper both body and soul.

Gift yourself or your loved ones with the Bath Salt Gift Set and enjoy the magic of a pampering bath. Each bottle brings a little luxury and relaxation to your bathroom and allows you to discover the world of different scents and effects.

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