Foaming bottle - 300 ml

The foaming bottle is a practical and convenient tool for easily dispensing and using foaming substances such as shower gel, shampoo or foaming cleansers. The large capacity of the bottle, 300 ml, allows abundant foaming and long-term use.

The bottle is made of plastic, which is a light and resistant material. The transparent design allows for easy identification of the contents, so you can always see how much material is left in the bottle and when you need to refill.

The foaming head located on the top of the bottle allows for easy dosing and a rich and abundant formation of foam. Simply press the head and the liquid comes out of the bottle in a foamy state. This is a convenient and efficient way of foaming and helps minimize material waste.

The ergonomically designed bottle is easy to hold and handle. The comfortable grip helps with stable dosing and accurate foaming. The size of the bottle is ideal for bathroom or kitchen use and fits easily on the shower shelf or sink.

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300 ml
90 g/pcs
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