Beef gall soap - 140g
Beef gall soap - 140g

Beef gall soap - 140g

Excellently foaming, hearty bar of soap with classic enzymes (beef bile extract), which effectively removes stubborn stains and nicely whitens gray and yellowed white clothes. * the production weight of the soap is 150 g. We put this in an eco paper box packaging, so it dries to approximately 145-142 g in a matter of weeks, which does not affect the active substance at all! Only water evaporates from the block, as from all soap. What this means in practice is that you will need to water it more to get it to budge.

It does not dry the hands, does not have a strong smell, it is a chemical-free product made in the EU, made from plant ingredients AND natural bovine bile enzymes. It can also be used grated or made into a gel in the washing machine.
Attention: it can fade colored clothes, so a color test is recommended. Application: after thoroughly wetting the fabric to be cleaned, rub it with the soap and let it stand for 1-2 hours. Repeat if necessary.

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