Roll on glass + mineral ball - lapis
Roll on glass + mineral ball - lapis

Roll on glass + mineral ball - lapis

The beneficial effects of essential oil and mineral are combined in this bottle!

Contents of the package:

- 10 ml roll on glass (glass with ball)

- mineral roll-on balls

Lapis lazuli, also known as lapis lazuli, lazurite, lazurone, all denote the same type of mineral. It was once considered the stone of the rulers, meaning blue stone. It has a stress-relieving effect, eliminates depression, strengthens the immune system and replenishes the body with energy. It balances the functioning of the glands, most beneficial to the thyroid gland and throat. When worn for a long time, it lowers high blood pressure and calms the heart. It gives the owner self-confidence and improves communication. It is a strong spiritual stone, it accelerates our spiritual development and we can be a useful companion during meditation. A protective mineral that keeps negative energies away from the wearer.

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