Men's luck - aromatic, crystal bracelet

Men's luck - aromatic, crystal bracelet

Each crystal has its own energy, with which we can restore our emotional balance, and at the same time have a positive effect on the body, soul and spirit. Whether in contact with the skin or worn as jewelry, hidden under our pillow or in our bag, these wonderful gems can continuously have a beneficial effect on the development of our lives. (Source: Healing Crystals for Women)

These bracelets not only have the healing power of essential oils, but also of crystals. The bracelets were made by Tünde Szpisjákné Kolarovskski with great love and expertise.

The minerals of the bracelet:


    • Tiger's eye: Pain-relieving crystal, inhibits the flow of energy, thereby reducing pain of nerve origin. It helps to remain positive and optimistic even in difficult situations. It strengthens the third eye, i.e. helps our intuitions and intuitions.


    • Lava stone: Detoxifies and regenerates cells, and also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system and nerves. Due to its porous surface, it is ideal for dripping with essential oils. It gently absorbs the essential oil, which it then slowly releases. In this way, the beneficial effect of aromatherapy can be enjoyed for a long time.

    Source: Healing Crystals book
                Healing crystals for women book

    Outer diameter of the bracelet: 8 cm

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