Hazelnut water, Witch hazel water - 250 ml
Lavender floral water BIO - 100 ml

Lavender floral water BIO - 100 ml

Aromatic hydrolate with a lively, powdery-floral lavender scent. It feels good even when added to creams. Body and face spray, tonic, micellar water are also excellent as a base.

It has an aromatherapy effect when sprayed into the air. Lavender is our plant that is both calming and invigorating and balancing. It has a beneficial effect on the skin in several ways, even in the form of floral water! While sesame oil can be difficult to handle, hydrolatum is a safe alternative, and it is difficult to overdose. Cleanses the skin, reduces acne, brightens the complexion and tones.

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Fragrance character: Characteristic herbal, slightly floral, woody.
Fragrance Note: Heart
Suitable for: Wood and herbal essential oils, hydrolats. E.g. tea tree, cedar, rosemary, basil, ho wood.
Less suitable for: Floral notes.
Not recommended: Citrus fruits.

Why do you need a preservative?
Water-based cosmetic products may not be placed on the market without preservatives. We use a very mild and safe preservative, only in small-package (100/250ml) products and mainly in summer.

250 ml
275 g/pcs
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