Frosted cream jar - 50ml

Frosted cream jar - 50ml
Frosted cream jar - 50ml

The material of the glass is of high quality and durable, which ensures the protection of cosmetics from harmful external influences, such as light and air. The material of the glass is neutral and does not react with cosmetics, so the quality and effectiveness of the products are preserved for a longer time.

Blown glass gives your cosmetics an elegant look and highlights their valuable ingredients. The transparent glass allows you to easily see the contents, so you always know how much product is left inside.

The 50ml capacity holds enough cream or balm, ideal for travel, the gym or the office. The compact size jar fits easily in your purse or cosmetic bag pocket, so it's always at hand when you need it.

The jar has an easy to open and close cap that securely seals the contents and prevents leakage or contamination. In this way, you preserve the freshness and effectiveness of the products for a longer period of time.

Use our jar to store and easily access your favorite creams, balms or other cosmetic products. The elegant and practical design helps you organize and organize your beauty routine.

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50 ml
110 g/pcs
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