Chakra aromatic - crystal bracelet

Each crystal has its own energy, with which we can restore our emotional balance, and at the same time have a positive effect on the body, soul and spirit. Whether in contact with the skin or worn as jewelry, hidden under our pillow or in our bag, these wonderful gems can continuously have a beneficial effect on the development of our lives. (Source: Healing Crystals for Women)

These bracelets not only have the healing power of essential oils, but also of crystals. The bracelets were made by Tünde Szpisjákné Kolarovskski with great love and expertise.

The minerals of the bracelet:

  • Rose quartz: It carries the energy of universal love, thus it has a balancing effect on all organ systems. It relieves depression. Beneficial for fertility problems. It reconciles us with ourselves. Heals the wounds of the heart. Good for mother-daughter relationships.


  • Rock crystal: It is considered a master stone and a master healer due to its multifaceted effects. It is also endowed with wound-healing, hemostatic, pain- and fever-relieving properties. In case of thyroid diseases, it can have a regulatory effect. It harmonizes the hormonal system and is also effective in the case of eye diseases. Dispels fears, can also be effective against nightmares. It removes negative energies, clears thoughts, improves understanding and conscious perception.


  • Moonstone: A true feminine crystal, because it can vibrate together with the female genitals. It cures diseases related to hormonal balance and enhances fertility. It can be an effective companion during menstruation, after childbirth, and during climax. It reduces internal stress and tension, develops our spiritual clarity, and strengthens intuition.


  • Amethyst: Its mind-cleansing and sobering effect has long been known. It is also effective in case of skin problems and sleep disorders, but can also be used as an aid in case of eye problems. It helps concentration and makes peace with ourselves. The stone of sobriety, it brings awareness to our lives. We understand why it happens to us. Emethyst is a powerful mineral, so expectant mothers should not wear it!


  • Sodalite: Strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism. It can be very effective for high blood pressure. Strengthens the vocal cords. It harmonizes hormone function, especially in the case of menopause complaints. It reduces the feeling of fear and strengthens the nerves. It supports our spiritual development and promotes awareness.


  • Chalcedony: Recommended for all neck and throat problems. Alleviates allergy symptoms, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. A stone of calm and peace. It cleanses the mind and confronts the chaos of our thoughts and emotions. It helps both sides of communication: listening, paying attention and clearly expressing our own thoughts.


  • Tiger's eye: Pain-relieving crystal, inhibits the flow of energy, thereby reducing pain of nerve origin. It helps to remain positive and optimistic even in difficult situations. It strengthens the third eye, i.e. helps our intuitions and intuitions.
  • Carnelian: Increases the blood supply to the tissues and thus their oxygen supply. It has a beneficial effect on burns, hair loss, and in reducing inflammation. The stone of vitality, joy of life. It teaches you to love and enjoy life. It stimulates creativity and initiative. It gives its wearer courage, strength and endurance. Due to its strong effect, it is not recommended for expectant mothers.


  • Jasper: Antispasmodic and primarily affects the gastrointestinal system. It also has a positive effect on menstrual complaints and blood sugar levels. It increases activity, endurance, strengthens our warrior nature. It helps us overcome obstacles and reach our goal.


  • Lava stone: Detoxifies and regenerates cells, and also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system and nerves. Due to its porous surface, it is ideal for dripping with essential oils. It gently absorbs the essential oil, which it then slowly releases. In this way, the beneficial effect of aromatherapy can be enjoyed for a long time.

Source: Healing Crystals book
            Healing crystals for women book

Outer diameter of the bracelet: 7 cm

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