BIO lemon essential oil - 10 ml
BIO lemon essential oil - 10 ml (FURANCOUMARIN FREE)

BIO lemon essential oil - 10 ml (FURANCOUMARIN FREE)

This high-quality essential oil contains natural essentials extracted from fresh lemon peel and is organically grown.

Due to its fresh, citrusy scent and versatile uses, organic lemon essential oil is an excellent choice for cosmetic and aromatherapy use. The refreshing scent energizes, refreshes and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Suggestions for use:

  • Refreshing Body Lotion: Mix a few drops of organic lemon essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil and use as a body lotion. The essential oil hydrates and nourishes the skin, while the citrus scent imparts freshness and vitality.
  • Aromatherapy: Add a few drops of organic lemon essential oil to an aroma lamp or vaporizer to evoke the scent of fresh lemons in the space. This can help refresh the mind, improve concentration and reduce stress.
    Cleaning effect in the environment: Mix a few drops of organic
  • lemon essential oil with water in a spray bottle, then use it as a cleaner in the kitchen or bathroom. The refreshing citrus scent and cleaning properties of the essential oil help get rid of unpleasant odors and give freshness to the environment.

Safety instructions:

  • Keep away from small children and pets.
  • For external use only. Do not swallow or use internally.
    Always perform a skin test before applying on the skin. If irritation occurs, dilute or stop using the essential oil.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, ears or mucous membranes. If the essential oil gets into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
  • In case of pregnancy or health problems, consult your doctor before using the essential oil.

FCF = Furocoumarin Free, what does it mean?

Furancoumarin-free lemon essential oil is a special type of lemon essential oil that excludes compounds called furancoumarins. Furancoumarins occur naturally in lemon peel and may cause skin irritation or photosensitivity in some people, especially when exposed to sunlight.

During the production of furancoumarin-free lemon essential oil, the essential oil extracted from the peel of citrus fruits is purified and processed using a special process (fractional distillation). As a result, the content of furancoumarins is minimized or completely removed, thus reducing the potential for irritation.

Furancoumarin-free lemon essential oil still retains the fresh, citrus scent of lemon and its many beneficial properties. It can be used in cosmetics, aromatherapy and household products, just like traditional lemon essential oil.

It is important to note that although furancoumarin-free lemon essential oil reduces photosensitivity, it is still recommended to use caution on skin exposed to sunlight. If you have any doubts about using an essential oil, always do a skin test and consult a professional, especially if you are prone to skin irritation.

By choosing furancoumarin-free lemon essential oil, you get the scent and benefits of lemon without having to worry about skin irritation caused by furancoumarins.

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Összetevők: Citrus Limon Peel Oil

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