Aloe vera melt and pour soap base - 1kg
Aloe vera melt and pour soap base - 1kg

Aloe vera melt and pour soap base - 1kg

Discover the refreshing and moisturizing aloe vera melt and pour soap base, which provides the perfect base for making soap at home. This special soap base combines the amazing skin care benefits of Aloe Vera with the convenience of the melt and pour soap making method, allowing you to make healthy, nourishing soaps easily and quickly.

Aloe vera is known for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, which help soothe irritated skin, promote healing and intensely hydrate the skin. This melt and pour soap base is completely SLS-free, ensuring that the finished products are gentle even for users with sensitive skin.

Benefits of the aloe vera melt and pour soap base:


  • Nourishing aloe vera: Enriched with pure aloe vera extract, this soap base is highly moisturizing and soothing to the skin while promoting the healing process.
  • SLS-free formula: In order to protect healthy skin and the environment, this soap base does not contain sulfates, thus ensuring natural and gentle cleaning.
  • Easy to use: The melt and pour technology enables simple and quick soap making, where the soap base only needs to be melted, and then you can enrich it with additives, such as essential oils or dried plants, according to individual preferences.
  • Hydration and soothing: Aloe vera extract deeply hydrates the skin while soothing irritations and redness, so the finished soaps are especially recommended for users with dry or sensitive skin.



This soap base is the perfect choice for those who want to not only clean but also care for their skin when making soap. Products made with an aloe vera melt and pour soap base not only clean, but also refresh and moisturize the skin, while the natural ingredients ensure gentle skin care. Make your own unique soaps that not only clean, but also nourish, and enjoy the benefits of aloe vera every time you wash!

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