Soap coloring set (5 colors)
Soap coloring set (5 colors)

Soap coloring set (5 colors)

This soap coloring set is a set of coloring materials specially developed for the Melt&Pour soap making technique. It is extremely easy to use: due to its paste-like texture, it does not drip or spread, as it does from a toothpaste tube, and it can be dispensed easily.

Any color can be mixed with the Zenicolor 5 coloring material set, so you have the opportunity to customize the soaps according to your own creativity. Thanks to the special formula, the same end result can be achieved even with multiple mixings, so predictability and reliability are guaranteed. The light-resistant colors ensure that the soaps retain their bright color for a long time, even in places exposed to strong light.

By using Zenicolor 5, the soap foam does not become colored, and the colors do not "bleed", that is, the different layers or color transitions do not flow together. Thanks to this, you can create perfectly sharp and clean color transitions without having to worry about color mixing. Simple use is made possible by the toothpaste tube-like design, which ensures precise dosing and easy handling.

Zenicolor 5 is not only practical, but also an economical choice, as the package contains five 30-gram tubes of paste, which, depending on the color intensity, are sufficient to color up to 12-20 kg of soap base. This allows you to complete a significant amount of soap making projects without having to buy additional dyes.

The package also includes a color measuring card, which will help you mix the exact colors. With this, you can easily determine exactly how much coloring paste you need to achieve a specific color. Thus, even transparent, translucent soaps perfectly preserve their transparency, while they can be expanded with rich and bright colors. Throughout the process, Zenicolor 5 provides all the tools and guidance you need to create professional-quality, personalized soaps at home with your own hands.

It is important to emphasize that Zenicolor 5 does not contain ingredients of animal origin and has not been tested on animals, making it an ethical choice for environmentally conscious and animal-friendly creators.

Ingredients include water, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium stearate, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium chloride, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, pigments, tetrasodium EDTA, methylchloroisothiazolinone, and methylisothiazolinone.

These ingredients ensure that coloring the soap is easy and smooth, while the finished product remains quality and attractive.

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