Cosmetic rice starch - 50 gr
Cosmetic rice starch - 50 gr

Cosmetic rice starch - 50 gr

Rice starch, also known as rice starch powder, is a natural ingredient that is extracted from the starch of rice. This cosmetic ingredient has many useful properties and is widely used in the beauty industry.

  • Rice starch has excellent absorbent properties, able to absorb excess oil and moisture. Therefore, it can be useful for treating oily skin or mattifying the skin in various cosmetic products.
  • It can contribute to the fine texture of cosmetic products, such as creams or powders that are smooth and easy to touch.
  • Used as a binder, it can help stabilize and hold together cosmetic products, which can increase their durability and quality.
  • Rice starch is transparent and colorless, so it easily blends into almost any cosmetic product without changing its color or appearance.
  • Rice starch is an extremely fine powder that does not irritate the skin. Therefore, it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Being of natural origin, rice starch can be a vegan and nature-friendly alternative to other starches or chemicals.

Rice starch contributes to the benefits of cosmetic products in two ways: it binds moisture exceptionally well at lower temperatures and ensures a silky feel. If used at a higher temperature, it contributes to bringing the mixture to a gel state (swelling).

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