1 ml roller bottle - amber
5 ml roll-on bottle - silver

5 ml roll-on bottle - silver

1 ml roller bottle - amber
1 ml roller bottle - amber
1 ml roller bottle - amber

Our 5ml ball bottles are a great way to apply essential oils, blends and massage oils directly to the skin or to easily share essential oils.

Simply roll the ball over your skin!

We always recommend using diluted oil blends containing at least 1/2 carrier oil.

The colored glasses help protect the oils from harmful ultraviolet light.

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Roll material
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  • It is perfectly suitable for sharing your favorite essential oil and fits comfortably in any bag.
  • It also fits comfortably in our sample bags.

How to use?

  • Add your favorite essential oil blend or essential oil to the bottle. You can use our pipettes or funnels to make this easy! Be sure to dilute the essential oil for best results!


  • Once the essential oil is in the bottle, place the ball insert into the opening of the bottle. Press down firmly until the roll on the insert snaps into place. Try not to press down on the roller directly. We recommend using our openers for essential oil bottles, one of which is suitable for snapping on the insert of roll-on bottles.


  • Please try to keep the bottles upright. During normal use, the bottles should not leak. But the oil should come out of the roller. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the bottles leaking.

    Make sure the lids are firmly attached. This will help the roller stay in place and help prevent leaks! Mark the contents of the bottle with the help of our essential oil stickers, in order to avoid possible accidents and inconveniences arising from mixing.
5 ml
Roll material
25 g/pcs
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