Organic sweet almond oil - 250 ml
Organic sweet almond oil - 250 ml

Organic sweet almond oil - 250 ml

Organic sweet almond oil is a high-quality, cold-pressed oil obtained from organic sweet almonds.

It also has many cosmetic benefits that support healthy skin and hair.

1. Deep hydration and nutrition

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. It is easily absorbed, so it does not leave a greasy feeling, but your skin will be soft and supple.

2. Treatment of sensitive skin

Due to its mild and soothing effect, it is also an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. It can help reduce redness and irritation while maintaining the skin's natural balance.

3. Strengthening and nourishing hair

Organic sweet almond oil cares for hair strands, helping to prevent breakage and dryness. It can be used as a hair pack to strengthen the hair and make it shine.

4. Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines

Antioxidants in the oil can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. With regular use, the skin can get a tighter and more youthful appearance.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties

Sweet almond oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help treat acne and other skin problems.

6. Prevention of pregnancy streaks

It can also be effective in preventing pregnancy stretch marks, as it helps maintain skin elasticity through regular massaging.

7. Gentle makeup remover

An excellent make-up remover that gently and effectively cleans the skin without drying it out.
Organic sweet almond oil is therefore more than a kitchen treasure; thanks to its cosmetic properties, it is one of nature's most valuable beauty care products.

Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

All ingredients are 100% organic. Ecocert certified product.

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