Shea oil

Shea oil

Thick, beige-yellow colored oil with a fruity and nutty aroma, with skin-softening and regenerating oleic acid and vitamins A, E, and F. An easily absorbed ingredient, it also provides extra shine in lip care products.

How it is made?
A product produced during the refining of shea butter, when the gum-based oils are extracted from raw shea butter. so-called it is separated during the "degumming process". Due to its lower melting point, it is easier to handle than shea butter and is an easily mixed ingredient. However, due to its lower content of stearic acid, it is not as "bodily" as shea butter, and shea butter is more suitable for quickly nourishing skin that is really deficient in fat. It is an ingredient of body butters, oils and lip care products, as well as bath products, which lends a very pleasant touch.

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